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Canada: Has Trudeau weaponized the justice system?

If you want an idea of what is going on in Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, listen to the interview that Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson had with Tamara Lich’s attorney, Keith Wilson.

Tamara was one of the leaders of the Freedom Convoy 2022 protest in Ottawa earlier this year, calling for an end to Trudeau’s COVID mandates.

Wilson said that Trudeau has weaponized Canada’s justice system, as the 49-year-old grandmother spent 49 days in jail.

The Post Millennial provided some excerpts:

“She committed the most minor crime that we have in our Criminal Code, Tucker. And it’s called the crime of mischief. It’s remarkable what’s happened here,” Wilson told Carlson.[…]

Wilson went on to explain in detail that Lich’s arrest is “more than a human right’s violation” but rather a deliberate attempt by Prime Minister Trudeau to “intimidate” Canadian citizens.

“Look what Tamara did. She inspired not only Canadians, 1000s of truckers, to drive to Ottawa to stand for their rights and stand against the authoritarian overreach from these COVID policies. But she also inspired protests around the world. And the prime minister I think wants to send a message to Canadians that if you dare challenge me and challenge my view of what living under my reign should look like, you will suffer consequences,” Wilson told the Fox News host.

READ: WATCH: Attorney Keith Wilson talks to Tucker Carlson about Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich’s arrest

Wilson also mentioned Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession for all things communist, and for good reason:

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