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US natural gas company warns of blackouts this winter if pipeline shut down

Spire Energy, a natural gas supplier based in Missouri, just sent out an email to all its customers warning that they should brace for blackouts this winter if US President Joe Biden shuts down another American pipeline.

Spire Energy provides natural gas to 1.7 million people in Mississippi, Missouri and Alabaman.

According to the Western Journal, the STL pipeline that runs between Illinois and Missouri went into service in 2019 and supplies gas not only to 650,000 homes in St Louis and area but also in neighbouring states.

Shortly after it went into operation, the Environmental Defense Fund sued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stating it had not provided the proper permits for the pipeline.

This prompted an emergency review of the STL pipeline scheduled for Nov 18, 2021.

If this pipeline is shut down, it will result in natural gas shortages this winter.

READ: Power Company Warns Customers of Blackouts as Biden Admin Considers Shutting Yet Another Pipeline

With winter approaching, one would think that common sense would say keep the pipeline open. However, a major part of Biden’s green agenda involves shutting down oil production and pipelines in the US.

As reported earlier, the Biden administration is seriously considering shutting down a Michigan pipeline, that supplies oil and natural gas, prompting similar warnings. READ: Biden admin considering shutting down Michigan pipeline, drawing criticism and dire warnings as winter nears

Biden’s green agenda has already dramatically impacted America’s pump prices. Prior to Biden’s election, the US was energy independent. Today, It is being forced to buy oil at inflated prices from the Middle East. This has resulted in gas prices hitting $5 a gallon in some parts of the US. READ: Gas Pump Sticker Shock; Prices Soar Above $5 A Gallon In San Francisco Bay Area

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