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Over 4,000 attacks against UK churches in 2020

According to a report by Britain’s Country Side Alliance (CSA) there were over 4,000 cases of vandalism, burglaries and assaults reported against UK churches in 2020.

Poll: 60% of vaccinated Americans will ban unvaccinated family from Christmas gatherings

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll discovered that vaccines will be a divisive issue this Christmas, with 63% of vaccinated Americans stating that they will be banning unvaccinated family and relatives from Christmas gatherings. Study Finds reported that the poll, conducted on Nov 2, 2021, found that 65% of Americans are full vaccinated. The survey also revealed: 58% of the fully vaccinated stated they have already cut contact with unvaccinated family and friends. 49% of unvaccinated Americans have broken off contact with vaccinated family members due to conflicts over the vaccines. 22% of the unvaccinated report that they have already been banned from family gatherings. 43% of unvaccinated said they are worried about losing their jobs or being required to pay higher health premiums. 53% of both vaccinated and unvaccinated state the issue has become politicized. 56% believe there will be arguments at Christmas gatherings about vaccinations. READ: Holiday hell: 3 in 5 Americans BANNING unvaccinated relatives from family gatherings!

US natural gas company warns of blackouts this winter if pipeline shut down

Spire Energy, a natural gas supplier based in Missouri, just sent out an email to all its customers warning that they should brace for blackouts this winter if US President Joe Biden shuts down another American pipeline. Spire Energy provides natural gas to 1.7 million people in Mississippi, Missouri and Alabaman. According to the Western Journal, the STL pipeline that runs between Illinois and Missouri went into service in 2019 and supplies gas not only to 650,000 homes in St Louis and area but also in neighbouring states. Shortly after it went into operation, the Environmental Defense Fund sued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) stating it had not provided the proper permits for the pipeline. This prompted an emergency review of the STL pipeline scheduled for Nov 18, 2021. If this pipeline is shut down, it will result in natural gas shortages this winter. READ: Power Company Warns Customers of Blackouts as Biden Admin Considers Shutting Yet Another Pipeline With winter approaching, one would think that common sense would say keep the pipeline open. …

Migration or Immigration: Why are so many people crossing borders?

You have probably heard about caravans of people, forming in Central America and travelling to the US border, and then crossing into the US and claiming to be refugees. You might have also heard that many refugee claimants decide that the US does not have what they need, and then cross into Canada. That might have stopped, with the COVID crisis. Governments can say that they are keeping people out for health reasons. If the COVID crisis declines enough, that route for migration will start again. There are other migrant routes. People travel across the English channel to Britain in small boats, usually from France. They also want to live in a new country, and thousands are trying. Some find a boat with room for them, and cross over to England, or drown. I have crossed the channel on large ferries, and once on a large hovercraft. That was interesting for me, but I would never want to sail in those rough waters in a small boat. There are also people who travel from Africa, …

YouVersion Bible app hits 500,000,000 downloads

Life Church announced on Wednesday, Nov 10, 2021, that its popular Bible app, YouVersion, has been downloaded over 500 million times. The announcement was made in conjunction with its verse of the day: “For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword. it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12) Life Church based in Edmond, OK was founded by Pastor Craig Groeshel, and launched the app in 2008. In an interview with the Christian Post, Bobby Gruenewald, who was behind the app’s development, said that their goal was to increase the Bible’s availability to people and hopefully increase people’s readership. But it was a journey. In 2005, Gruenewald, who is a pastor at Life Church, was standing in a security line at Chicago’s O’Hara airport when he came up with the idea of using technology, such as a website, to promote Bible reading. He also came up with a name, and by the time he was …