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Austria imposes unvaccinated apartheid

Hallstatt, Austria

The Daily Mail reports that anger is growing in Austria after the government imposed a vaccine apartheid on its citizens.

Effective midnight Sunday, Austria’s two million unvaccinated citizens (20% of the country’s population of 8.9 million) are banned from leaving their home other than for work, buying groceries or receiving a vaccine.

The unvaccinated lockdown will last until Nov 24, 2021, when it will be reviewed.

Police are now doing random checks in Austrian streets to ensure that people are vaccinated. Unvaccinated people who are outside their homes for an invalid reason are subject to a fine of 1,450 Euros (US1,660.00).

In an interview with The Telegraph, one unvaccinated Austrian said, “I cannot approve of the division of society into two parts. It is certainly not good for the country. It will have consequences. I am firmly convinced of that,” and another added, “Before Covid, fundamental rights were unconditional.”  

In both interviews, the two refused to give their full names, probably over fears of reprisals.

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Washington Post’ columnist calls for prosecution of unvaccinated

Meanwhile, in America, the land of the free, a Washington Post columnist stated in a recent tweet that unvaccinated people should be prosecuted.

The Blaze writes:

Longtime Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten was castigated online for suggesting that those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19 should be prosecuted.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Weingarten has expressed disdain to Americans who have not received a COVID vaccine.

Here are a few of Weingarten’s tweet:

READ: Washington Post columnist ripped to shreds for suggesting unvaccinated be prosecuted: ‘This is demented beyond words’

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