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Actor Dennis Quaid to release a Gospel album in 2022

Dennis Quaid at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival
Credit: gdcgraphics/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, actor Dennis Quaid, 67, recently announced that he will be releasing a solo Gospel album in 2022 featuring songs that he grew up with while attending a Baptist church as a boy and as well some of his original creations.

Quaid will be joined on the album by Kris Kristofferson, Tanya Tucker and Billy Ray Cyrus. The album will feature a remake of the song, ‘On My Way to Heaven’ that Quaid wrote for the Christian movie, ‘I can only imagine,’ that he also starred in.

In the movie, Quaid played the abusive father of MercyMe’s lead singer, Bard Millard. The hit song and movie, ‘I Can Only Imagine’, tells the story of how Millard’s father, Arthur, became a believer towards the end of his life and reached out to his son to make amends, leading to their reconciliation.

Along with his acting career, Quaid has been involved with a couple of bands, including his current group, The Sharks, that he started nearly two decades ago.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Quaid said that for a time he had walked away from his Christian faith, but always had a spiritual tug in his heart, because humans are spiritual beings. We are created to have a relationship with God:

“I’ve always been spiritual. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, became disillusioned with it as a teenager. I turned to Eastern religions and philosophies.

I read the Bible twice, read the Koran, went to India nine times. Along the way I came back to Christianity, and well, finding that it’s really the same all throughout the world. People are people with the same sort of yearnings.

We’re all spiritual beings whether we know it or not. So that’s what I speak to: one’s relationship with God or non-relationship with God.”

Over the past 40 years, Quaid has had leading roles in several hit movies including ‘The Parent Trap’, Midway’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and will be playing the role of former US President Ronald Reagan, in the movie, ‘Reagan,’ to be released next year.

Quaid was attending the University of Houston, when he decided in 1974 to quit school, move to Hollywood and try acting. His big break came when he received rave reviews after appearing in a movie entitled ‘Breaking Away’ in 1979.

By the early 80s, Quaid was addicted to cocaine that was a big part of the Hollywood scene. He added that some movies had what he described as a cocaine budget, cleverly disguised as petty cash.

Quaid was using Cocaine almost daily and was gaining a ‘bad boy’ reputation in Hollywood and by the late 80s, his addiction was affecting his acting career.

Realizing the devastating impact it was having on him, Quaid said he often screamed out at God to help break his addiction.

That break through took place in the late 1980s, after a performance in LA with his former band, the Eclectics.

That same night, the band had decided to break up and in an article, he wrote for Newsweek, Quaid said, “I had one of those white-light experiences that night where I kind of realized I was going to be dead in five years if I didn’t change my ways. The next day I was in rehab.”

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Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ (Jeremiah 33:3 NIV)

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