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Poll: Britain’s ‘woke’ pastors at odds with congregations

Parrish church in Ellesmere Shropshire, England

A recent poll in Britain found that the country’s ‘woke’ pastors are increasingly embracing left wing ideology, and there is a growing disconnect with their congregations.

The poll was conducted by Savanta ComRes on behalf of the Centre for Enterprises.

The Daily Mail reports:

  • While 51% of pastors believe in higher taxes to redistribute wealth, only 34% of the congregation agree.
  • 89% of pastors want businesses to be actively fighting climate change, compared to only 64% of their congregations.
  • 30% of pastors trust large corporations, compared to 73% of their congregation.

READ: ‘Woke’ church leaders are at odds with their congregations on key political issues such as tax, poll finds

I suspect the largest percentage of these ‘woke’ pastors are involved in the liberal Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

And it is not uncommon to find woke British pastors participating in the recent blockades of major highways in Britain by environmental extremists who want to stop global warming.

People have not only lost out on job interviews and important medical appointments because of these blockades, the extremists have even stopped ambulances and firetrucks from carrying out emergency duties.

It is happening so often, that church dioceses have been forced to condemn the participation of their pastors. READ: Church of England diocese criticises clergy members who took part in Insulate Britain protest

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