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Over 4,000 attacks against UK churches in 2020

Parish church in Tanworth-in-Arden, UK

According to a report by Britain’s Country Side Alliance (CSA) there were over 4,000 cases of vandalism, burglaries and assaults reported against UK churches in 2020.

This amounts to 12 attacks-a-day, and included people stealing headstones from church graveyards.

In an interview with Premier Christian News, CSA spokesperson, Mo Metcalf-Fisher, said:

Any attack on a religious building is shocking, and requires a robust response…It’s really sad, because the church obviously wants to keep its doors open. It wants to be that sanctuary for people to go to, and criminals are making that incredibly difficult to carry on with. […]

These are supposed to be places where people go to seek solace, but all too often they subjected to heinous crimes, either in or on their property.”

READ: Over 4,000 reports of criminal acts against UK churches over past year

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