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Over 4,000 attacks against UK churches in 2020

According to a report by Britain’s Country Side Alliance (CSA) there were over 4,000 cases of vandalism, burglaries and assaults reported against UK churches in 2020.

Covid is 100s of times less deadly to those under 80

A large study of those infected with Covid-19 in Britain reveals that people under the age of 80 are hundreds of times less likely to die of COVID-19 than those in the older (80+) age group. The study was published in the science magazine, Nature. The Daily Wire writes (note the last line): The study revealed a “jaw-dropping” connection between one’s chances of dying from the disease and their age, Goldacre said. People over age 80 are at least 20 times more likely to die from the disease than someone aged 50-59. The risk of dying from the coronavirus for adults under the age of 40 is close to zero. READ: Study: Coronavirus Hundreds of Times Less Deadly To Younger People Than Those Aged 80+ On related news, the UK is reporting that new cases of Covid-19 are dropping by up to 5% a day. And the death rate from COVID in the UK, with a population of 63 million, has been in a free fall since mid April: READ: Coronavirus R rate may be ABOVE …