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Why did the UK give Communist China foreign aid?

While China’s communist regime spends its money stealing and hacking technology from other countries, launching a rocket to Mars, and seizing territory from other countries, the United Kingdom has provided £71 million in foreign aid to the ‘impoverished’ communist regime.

The Daily Mail explains:

You could be forgiven for thinking that given China’s GDP is almost five times greater than the UK’s, they should be sending us aid. 

And yet in 2018, almost £100million was carved out to finance the Department for International Trade’s China Prosperity Fund over four years. 

Despite China being a financial superpower, the fund is designed ‘to address market failures and weaknesses that impede China’s inclusive economic growth and will help China’s ongoing transition to an inclusive, sustainable and productive economy’. 

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Britain’s handout included £15 million for China’s pension fund which in turn deprives elderly Christians of pensions because they had pictures of Jesus in their homes, instead of Mao and the country’s current tyrant Xi Jinping.

No indication if the UK’s foreign aid is helping fund the Communist regime’s reeducation gulags or to crush the democracy movement in Britain’s former territory, Hong Kong.

But Britain isn’t alone in this foolishness. Last year, Canada gave the communist regime CDN$44 million in foreign aid and the US provided financial assistance (US$3.7 million) to the virus lab in Wuhan which most believe leaked the COVID-19 virus.

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