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The UK still giving foreign aid to the Chinese Communist Party

Beijing, China
Credit: Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen (USAF)/Wikipedia/Public Domain

Communist China has a space agency and has developed nuclear weapons. It is also the world’s second-largest economy and yet, according to the country’s budget documents, the United Kingdom still sent £51.7 million ($62.68 US) in foreign aid to China in 2021, the Daily Mail reports.

Not unexpectedly, this news has shocked British taxpayers.

Though 2021 assistance is down from what the UK gave the communist regime in 2019, ten years ago, the UK was only providing £27.2 million ($32.98 million US) in foreign assistance to the communist regime.

READ: Britain still gives mega-rich China £51.7million in foreign aid despite promises to end the handouts

While it’s uncertain what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) actually spent the money on, perhaps it was used it to fund the illegal police stations the CCP has set up across the UK. READ: Communist China Operating Secret Police Stations in UK and EU to Hunt Down, Blackmail, and Return Citizens AND China is accused of operating ‘secret police stations’ in Britain: Civil rights group claim ruling Communist party are using ‘anti-fraud centres’ in London and Glasgow to force its critics to return – as MPs demand probe into ‘very concerning’ allegations

You can be certain of one thing if Britain is still sending foreign aid to the communist regime, so are other western countries.

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