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Poll: 60% of vaccinated Americans will ban unvaccinated family from Christmas gatherings

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll discovered that vaccines will be a divisive issue this Christmas, with 63% of vaccinated Americans stating that they will be banning unvaccinated family and relatives from Christmas gatherings.

Study Finds reported that the poll, conducted on Nov 2, 2021, found that 65% of Americans are full vaccinated.

The survey also revealed:

  • 58% of the fully vaccinated stated they have already cut contact with unvaccinated family and friends.
  • 49% of unvaccinated Americans have broken off contact with vaccinated family members due to conflicts over the vaccines.
  • 22% of the unvaccinated report that they have already been banned from family gatherings.
  • 43% of unvaccinated said they are worried about losing their jobs or being required to pay higher health premiums.
  • 53% of both vaccinated and unvaccinated state the issue has become politicized.
  • 56% believe there will be arguments at Christmas gatherings about vaccinations.

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