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Video: Dr. John Campbell’s take on the Pfizer documents

In this video, my favourite YouTube doctor, Dr. John Campbell, goes through the Pfizer documents that were gained through a Freedom of Information request to the US federal government on data related to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

Poll: 60% of vaccinated Americans will ban unvaccinated family from Christmas gatherings

A recent survey conducted by OnePoll discovered that vaccines will be a divisive issue this Christmas, with 63% of vaccinated Americans stating that they will be banning unvaccinated family and relatives from Christmas gatherings. Study Finds reported that the poll, conducted on Nov 2, 2021, found that 65% of Americans are full vaccinated. The survey also revealed: 58% of the fully vaccinated stated they have already cut contact with unvaccinated family and friends. 49% of unvaccinated Americans have broken off contact with vaccinated family members due to conflicts over the vaccines. 22% of the unvaccinated report that they have already been banned from family gatherings. 43% of unvaccinated said they are worried about losing their jobs or being required to pay higher health premiums. 53% of both vaccinated and unvaccinated state the issue has become politicized. 56% believe there will be arguments at Christmas gatherings about vaccinations. READ: Holiday hell: 3 in 5 Americans BANNING unvaccinated relatives from family gatherings!

Another study reveals natural COVID immunity superior to vaccines

An interesting story has emerged in Austria, that is threatening to lock down the unvaccinated people in that country, as the number of COVID cases increases. The new rules will effectively ban the unvaccinated from going to restaurants, getting their hair done or attending public events. But there is one major exception. Breitbart reports that if an unvaccinated person had previously caught COVID, they will be considered vaccinated.

Poll: Majority don’t believe unvaccinated people should lose their jobs

With US President Joe Biden recently stating that he doesn’t believe the COVID restrictions will end until 98% of Americans are vaccinated and politicians and health officials looking for creative ways to punish people who aren’t, a recent survey by the Trafalagar Group suggests that the majority of Americans (65%) do not believe a person should lose their job if they are unvaccinated.