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‘Toronto Star’ says government should force people to get vaccinated

The Toronto Star, a major mainstream media outlet in Canada, just published an editorial stating that governments should force all Canadians to get vaccinated, whether they want to or not.

The left wing paper phrased it in the form of a question: Is it time for governments to make COVID vaccine the law? But once you read the article, the question was clearly rhetorical.

But the Star graciously allowed for exemptions for health and religious reasons, but as for the rest, the governments should force them to get vaccinated.

It is for the greater good, it said.

READ: Is it time for governments to make COVID vaccines the law?

The paper didn’t go into any details how the Trudeau government should force people to do this.

But certainly there are a few options:

Starve them into submission

The Canadian province of New Brunswick is trying to starve the unvaccinated into submission by allowing grocery and drug stores to refuse service if people are not fully vaccinated. READ: Elected officials silent on New Brunswick barring unvaxxed from grocery stores

Fine them into submission

In Austria, the government is threatening fines amounting to $12,000 a year, for those who refuse vaccination. Unvaccinated will be given three months to get vaccinated or face a fine of $4,000. READ: Austria rolls out vaccine mandate with fines up to $4,000 for those who flout it

Public humiliation

In Germany, some teachers are having school children stand in front of their classmates to reveal their vaccine status. Apparently, those who are vaccinated are applauded. No indication, if teachers are forcing unvaccinated children to renounce their parents.

It is hard to believe that this is happening. But if this is true, it is very disturbing. READ the original article in German: Die Spaltung der Gesellschaft ist längst in den Schulen angekommen Via Google translate: The division in society has long since reached schools

Imprison them in internment camps

And Australia has resorted to the time-honored tradition of internment camps to enforce its COVID mandates. Of course, there was also that embarrassing story about the nationwide manhunt for three men who escaped one of their camps. They even set up roadblocks, so they could check the cars for the escapees.

Somehow this seemed appropriate

The Soviet Union National Anthem

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