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Poll: Majority don’t believe unvaccinated people should lose their jobs

With US President Joe Biden recently stating that he doesn’t believe the COVID restrictions will end until 98% of Americans are vaccinated and politicians and health officials looking for creative ways to punish people who aren’t, a recent survey by the Trafalagar Group suggests that the majority of Americans (65%) do not believe a person should lose their job if they are unvaccinated.

Breitbart adds that things changed dramatically once politics were factored into the equation.

The same poll revealed that while 85% of Republicans oppose the unvaccinated losing their jobs, only 47.9% of Democrats felt the same way.

Meanwhile, 63.6% of independents (politically neutral) do not believe unvaccinated people should lost their jobs.

READ: Poll: Majority Voters Say People Should Not Lose Their Job for Rejecting the Coronavirus Vaccine

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I have said this before, our family is fully vaccinated, but I believe that it is up to the individual.

My favourite Tweet response to Biden’s 98% demand:

Which, of course, explains what is going on in Australia:

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