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Averaging -78 F, Antarctic sets record for coldest winter

As global warming fanatics warn that the earth is warming to catastrophic levels, the Antarctic recently decided NOT to play the game, as it recorded the coldest winter on record in 2021.

Why the big cover-up about the Wuhan lab?

In 2020, when Chinese researchers from Hong Kong first suggested the lab was the source, there was a major phone call involving scientists and government officials from around the world. And after that phone call, they unanimously and vehemently stated the virus did not leak out of the lab. The esteemed scientists even called the Wuhan COVID leak a ‘conspiracy theory.’

How can Christians argue with Atheists? 

How do you feel about Atheism? In 2011, four men who argue for Atheism met in the home of one member of the group, and talked freely. They have been described as the “Four Horsemen of the New Atheism.” After their meeting, they continued to argue against religion and they opposed any belief in God. The New Atheists are known to be aggressive and preachy, and they have been called fundamentalists and evangelicals for their beliefs. At first, the aggressive Atheists opposed Christianity, and they seemed like a sect of disaffected Christians. Recently. Some of them spoke against the religion of Islam, and that didn’t work for them. They are now accused of “Islamophobia” which is socially unacceptable prejudice. Some aggressive Atheists have been criticized and rejected because of their opinions about Islam, and the New Atheism movement is struggling now, a victim of political correctness.  They did much better when they only attacked Christians. READ: The New Atheism If you want a sample of how aggressive Atheists speak, here are some recent titles: Why …

Did a gift of faith provide the gift of life?

As cultural wars rage for the unborn, Mike and Jessica Tomy were awaiting the birth of their third child when they received some tragic news. Jessica was in her second trimester when an ultrasound revealed that the baby’s size was not only four weeks behind, but Jessica also had very low levels of amniotic fluid which is a protective layer that surrounds a baby while in the womb. The fluid not only cushions the baby, but also provides water, nutrients and biochemicals necessary to sustain life. The doctor told the couple that their baby was not going to survive. And then dropped the bombshell, that when the baby’s heartbeat finally stopped, he would have to induce the birth of their dead child. After hearing the tragic news, Jessica and Mike stopped work on the baby’s room and instead prepared for a funeral. They asked family and friend to pray for them during this difficult time. But there was one moment when everything changed. Jessica was reading an article how a woman had been miraculously healed …

Poll: Majority don’t believe unvaccinated people should lose their jobs

With US President Joe Biden recently stating that he doesn’t believe the COVID restrictions will end until 98% of Americans are vaccinated and politicians and health officials looking for creative ways to punish people who aren’t, a recent survey by the Trafalagar Group suggests that the majority of Americans (65%) do not believe a person should lose their job if they are unvaccinated.

Analyzing the Election Results in California and Canada, and the Attitude of Faith vs Fear

by Dr. Michael L. Brown Americans are not happy. We do not like all the COVID restrictions. We resent the latest lockdowns. We plan to resist the mandate. We are beyond the breaking point. At least that’s the impression I get as I read reports on conservative websites and interact with friends and colleagues. But exit poll results from California tell a very different story, with confirmation from Canada as well. I’m talking about the rejection of the efforts to recall Gov. Newsom in California and the reelection of Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada, where the COVID restrictions have been much more comprehensive and oppressive. Yet in both cases, it appears that a majority of voters affirmed the way COVID was being handled in their state and nation, respectively. According to ABC News, “Just about 3 in 10 said Newsom’s pandemic control measures are too strict, countering a key argument in the recall drive against him. A broad 70% supported the state’s student mask mandate and 63% sided with the governor in seeing vaccination as …