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Why the big cover-up about the Wuhan lab?

Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China.
Credit: Ureem2805/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

Today, everyone believes that COVID leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIH) located in the Wuhan, China, ground zero for the COVID outbreak. It was working with bats. It was genetically manipulating viruses and people at the lab were getting sick in 2019. READ: Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin

But in 2020, when Chinese researchers from Hong Kong first suggested the lab was the source, there was a major phone call involving scientists and government officials from around the world. And after that phone call, they unanimously and vehemently stated the virus did not leak out of the lab.

The esteemed scientists even called the Wuhan COVID leak a ‘conspiracy theory.’

It was later discovered that many of the scientists had connections to the lab, which they failed to mention. READREVEALED: 26 out of the 27 Lancet scientists who trashed theory that Covid leaked from a Chinese lab have links to Wuhan researchers

But, as the evidence mounted, many have since recanted.

Suspecting that there was several emails, memos, and notes about this phone call, a British newspaper, the Daily Mail, did an access to Information request to the British government to find out what these deniers were saying about WIH.

Here is the information that they received back. It was all blacked out:

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic

The Daily Mail reports:

The critical call is at the centre of concerns that the scientific establishment tried to stifle debate on the pandemic’s origins, as damning new evidence emerges of US ties to high-risk research on bat viruses in Wuhan, where the first cases emerged in late 2019.

The Mail on Sunday requested emails, minutes and notes on the call between Sir Patrick Vallance – Britain’s chief scientific adviser – and its organisers Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust medical charity, and Anthony Fauci, the US infectious diseases expert and presidential adviser.

Yet when the documents were released they had page after page redacted with thick lines of black ink by Whitehall officials. Even the names of experts copied in on discussions were blocked – and exchanges as trivial as one Edinburgh biologist’s ‘thank you’ for being invited – leaving only a few basic details about the call visible.

READ: What are they hiding? At the start of Covid many scientists believed it likely leaked from Wuhan lab – until a conference call with Patrick Vallance changed their minds. We asked for his emails about the call. This is what we got . . .

So what is the British government trying to cover-up?

And then incredibly, these same people wonder why no one trusts the government and the science surrounding the COVID pandemic.

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