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Averaging -78 F, Antarctic sets record for coldest winter

Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station
Credit: National Science Foundation/Wikipedia/Public Domain

As global warming fanatics warn that the earth is warming to catastrophic levels, the Antarctic recently decided NOT to play the game, as it recorded the coldest winter on record in 2021.

Remembering that July is midwinter in the Southern Hemisphere, the Washington Post reports that between the months of April and September, the average winter temperature was -78 degrees F (-61 C) at the September Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.

Those ghastly numbers are just the average meaning it was actually colder at times.

Along with setting a record for the coldest winter, this was 4.5 degrees colder than the 30 year average

It is just another indicator that there are natural forces at work affecting climate. Of course, those deep in the global warming camp spun it with the usual ‘nothing to see here’ rhetoric,

READ: South Pole posts most severe cold season on record, a surprise in a warming world.

Meanwhile, global warming fanatics concerned that the melting Antarctic ice will wash away costal cities, continued blocking traffic in Britain, preventing people from getting to work and stopping ambulances from accessing hospitals. READ: ‘How can you be so selfish?’ Woman trying to get to her ailing mother, 81, in hospital weeps as eco-mob blocks three major London routes with paramedics joining furious motorists dragging activists off roads  AND Mastermind behind Insulate Britain eco-mob says he would have REFUSED to move for crying woman trying to get to mother, 81, in hospital and would block an ambulance with dying patient inside after activists brought three London routes to standstill 

And as previously reported, nearly 100 years ago, the same Washington Post was warning of melting ice in the Antarctic back in 1922. Though I am not absolutely sure, I don’t thing SUVs were invented by then, so I don’t think you can blame them for the unprecedented warming that year. READ: 1922 ‘Washington Post’ article exposes man-made global warming agenda

And then there was this confession by NASA. READ: NASA Study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses: NASA

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