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Canada: Ronald McDonald House evicting family of 4-year-old boy with leukemia because parents are unvaccinated

Austin Furgason holding his son’s eviction letter YouTube capture

Disturbing news out of Vancouver, Canada about a Ronald McDonald House that plans to evict a family with a four-year-old boy suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia because the parents are not vaccinated against Omicron, which is being compared to the seasonal flu:

Ronald McDonald Houses provide a place for families to live as their children are going through intensive hospital care.

The family, which is from Kelowna, BC, received a letter stating that all unvaccinated families, including children five years and over, would have to leave the house by Jan 17, 2022. The family has only a few days to find another residence.

In the video, the father, Austin Furgason, talks to the house’s administrator to confirm a letter he had received:

The Daily Mail explains:

‘I just want to get this straight: by the end of the month, my four-year-old boy with leukemia is getting evicted because we don’t have a vaccine? ‘ he asks.

The administrator replies that the eviction would not apply to his son, who is under five, but rather to his parents if they are unvaccinated.

‘This is some kind of crazy evil like I’ve never seen in my life,’ Furgason says. 

Furgason asked why his family is being targeted, since even vaccinated people can spread the virus.

READ: Unvaccinated Canadian parents and their four-year-old son with leukemia are being evicted from a Ronald McDonald house because they’ve not had COVID shot

The family are not anti-vaxxers

In an interview with True North, Ferguason said they are not anti-vaxxers because the family has taken other vaccines, but has concerns about the COVID vaccines.

He told True North:

“Our kid’s been doing really good. God’s been doing miracles for our kid. His hair was supposed to fall out 2 months ago, and it never did. He’s got lots of energy, he’s super positive. Everything was going great.” 

“I felt like God was in my heart telling me, you have to address this as a man, you have to expose this for what it is. There’s no way they can just do that. It’s evil.”

READ: B.C. family being evicted from Ronald McDonald House due to vaccine status

This follows news that the Canadian province of Quebec will force the unvaccinated in the province to pay an additional health tax.

So, how come governments and non-profits in Canada are feeling emboldened to treat the unvaccinated like second class citizens?

You have to look no further than Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who in a recent interview with a Quebec media outlet expressed his utter disgust for the unvaccinated:

Media outlets around the world have picked up on Trudeau’s statements about the un-vaxxed:

Popular Canadian columnist, Rex Murphy, writes that Prime Minister Trudeau is on a power trip. RELATED: Rex Murphy: Trudeau’s vilification of ‘anti-vaxxers’ paved the way for Legault’s punishment tax

And this may explain Trudeau’s unhealthy obsession with Communist China:

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