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Portland: Police powerless to stop recent rioting in the city

Portland rioting, April 16, 2021
Credit: Twitter Video Capture: Suzette Smith

The woke city council of Portland, Ore has basically hamstrung its police force by prohibiting it from using tools such as rubber bullets and pepper spray to quell riots, unless it gets really, really serious.

According to Fox News, this showed up again after it was revealed that the police stood by and did nothing, because there was nothing they could do, as approximately 100 left-wing anarchists rampaged through the city’s downtown earlier this week (Tues, Oct 19, 2021) setting fires and vandalizing buildings.

It is estimated they caused about $500,000 in damage.

One Fox News reporter described it as “a normal day in Portland”, another person wondered why the city didn’t send in social workers to provide therapy sessions for the rioters.

This was undoubtedly referring to an incident earlier this month when a man with a large rock was violently trying to break into the backdoor of a restaurant, and police were forced to stand by as a therapist tried to reason with the man.

When that didn’t work, the therapist told the police to give the man space, as he continued bashing in the backdoor with a grapefruit-sized stone.

When the man finally broke through, the police acted, as this could now potentially endanger the workers inside the restaurant.

The man then barricaded himself in a room and as the specially trained therapist tried to reason with the man again, the police ushered the workers out of the restaurant.

When this second therapy session didn’t work, the police bashed down the door, pepper sprayed the man and arrested him.

He was promptly released the next day.

With the police being demonized, demonetized and hamstrung by the left across America, Fox News writes:

Murders have increased 16% across major U.S. cities so far in 2021 compared to 2020, according to the Council on Criminal Justice’s (CCJ) pandemic crime report.

READ: Portland hammered by critics after report reveals police didn’t stop chaos: ‘Where were the social workers?’ AND Portland cops back off from man pounding on restaurant door to give him ‘space.’ Soon he breaks door with ‘grapefruit’-sized rock; staff hide in freezer.

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  1. It’s apparent to me that the federal government, and state government (depending on where one lives), no longer is concerned with real issues and problems of society. This has been the case for the last three decades (possibly even after the 1950s). It’s just disheartening how the average citizen is powerless to what’s going on in our states. This kind of misuse of authority and power is why I left California last year and moved to South Dakota. Best decision my older brother and I ever made.


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