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Has persecution come to the schools of America?

Elon Musk warn parents about public schools

In a recent interview with Bill Maher on his “Real Time” program, Twitter CEO, Elon Musk, issued a warning to parents about public schools, the Daily Wire reports. The issue came up when the discussion veered on to the topic of ‘wokeness’ and Musk added that a ‘woke mind virus’ has invaded America’s public schools and universities. Musk told Maher: “I was trying to figure out where it’s coming from. I think it’s actually been a long time brewing, in that it’s, I think it’s been going on for a while. The amount of indoctrination that’s happening in schools and universities is I think far beyond what parents realize.” “And I only sort of came to realize this somewhat late. The experience that we had in high school and college is not the experience that that kids today are having, and hasn’t been for, I don’t know, 10 years, maybe 20.” Musk went on to say, that most parents are not aware of the woke craziness that has enveloped public schools. Woke is a broad …

Believers and Hollywood: Which side are they on?

Are you woke, or base? I am learning more about these terms, and they are interesting. We could use the older terms “left wing” and “right wing” but I believe most of us could not define those positions, in one sentence. Definitions are emotional, these days. The question really is, what tribe do you belong to? For you, which side is always right? And who is wrong, before they even speak? We are polarized by in our modern society. With polarized sides, and conspiracy theories, what happens if you believe in something spiritual? What side is God on, woke or base? I am a Christian, and for me, “spiritual” means God, and we find our way back to God through someone named Jesus. So, what does God think about Covid vaccines? Is God a Socialist, or a Capitalist? Does God approve of fifteen minute cities? What about climate change or global warming; yes or no? Is there any place for God in Hollywood? And for Americans, Republican or Democrat, and God? Other countries have their …

Inmates running the asylum: It’s ‘political correctness gone mad’

People across Britain were outraged after news surfaced that a prison in that country has assigned an inmate to help interview those being hired to fill the position of the facility’s new warden, the Daily Mail reports. The inmate will also be involved in the hiring of any new staff, including officers and prison guards. The move was described as ‘political correctness gone mad.’ The Daily Mail writes: A ‘woke‘ jail governor has prompted outrage after appointing an inmate to serve as a job interviewer for prison warders. The move to grant criminals a say in selecting staff members was branded ‘political correctness gone mad’ by the Prison Officers’ Association (POA) last night. The trade union revealed that a ‘rogue’ deputy governor at High Down prison had selected an inmate to serve on an interview panel. READ: ‘Woke’ jail governor puts convict on hiring panel for prison wardens in decision branded ‘political correctness gone mad’

Is safe drinking water too much to ask for from a ‘woke’ mayor?

During his 2017 election campaign, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the city’s ‘woke’ mayor, promised to transform Jackson, Mississippi into “the most radical city on the planet.” He promised a guaranteed income and an end to policing and of course urban farms. Meanwhile, the citizens of the city would just be absolutely overjoyed, if the mayor could just provide the basics, like drinking water without sewage in it. The Daily Caller explains: Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Democratic mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, promised to make the capital “the most radical city on the planet” during his 2017 campaign, but so far he’s been unable to even solve even the city’s basic infrastructure problems and the city’s running water is now unsafe to drink. He campaigned on plans to introduce universal basic income and alternatives to policing, to replace vacant lots with urban farms and to resolve chronic issues with the city’s water and roads in order to break the “cycles of humiliation” he said black residents experience in Jackson, the most heavily black large city in the U.S. Instead, …

Meet Portland’s new ‘woke’ police force

It’s Portland, which may explain everything. But recently, there was a demonstration of how ‘woke’ the Portland police have become. The Blaze reports that police were called because someone was pounding on the backdoor of restaurant. The indoor dining was closed, but the employees were working the drive through. The police showed up with what is described as an Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team (ECIT) officer who was apparently running the show. The ECIT officer tried to softly talk the man out of breaking into the restaurant. Sadly, the man refused to listen to the ECIT’s psychologically formulated arguments, so the police ‘slowly’ backed away giving the man ‘space’ to continue breaking through the back door. By this point, he was using a grapefruit-sized rock and the employees inside the restaurant were hiding in the restaurant’s freezer. With the police and ECIT officer watching from afar, the man finally broke through the door. With people inside now in danger, the police decided they should probably do something, but the man barricaded himself inside the employee’s break …

US Congressman ends prayer with ‘amen’ & ‘awoman’

The United States House of Representatives is going woke in a blaze of political-correct glory. As we reported earlier, House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi wants to remove all gender words, such as father, mother, son, and daughter, from being used by the House. So keeping with the theme, Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, an ordained Methodist preacher, recently opened the 117th Congress in prayer closing with “amen and a-woman.”