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Meet Portland’s new ‘woke’ police force

Portland rioting, April 16, 2021 Twitter Video Capture: Suzette Smith

It’s Portland, which may explain everything. But recently, there was a demonstration of how ‘woke’ the Portland police have become.

The Blaze reports that police were called because someone was pounding on the backdoor of restaurant. The indoor dining was closed, but the employees were working the drive through.

The police showed up with what is described as an Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team (ECIT) officer who was apparently running the show. The ECIT officer tried to softly talk the man out of breaking into the restaurant.

Sadly, the man refused to listen to the ECIT’s psychologically formulated arguments, so the police ‘slowly’ backed away giving the man ‘space’ to continue breaking through the back door.

By this point, he was using a grapefruit-sized rock and the employees inside the restaurant were hiding in the restaurant’s freezer.

With the police and ECIT officer watching from afar, the man finally broke through the door.

With people inside now in danger, the police decided they should probably do something, but the man barricaded himself inside the employee’s break room.

The ECIT officer specifically trained for these type of emergency situations continued to engage the man in communications as the police escorted the terrified employees from the restaurant.

But alas the man again refused to listen, so the police used a sledgehammer to bash down the door, pepper sprayed and arrested him.

And to top it all off, the 38-year-old man was promptly released the next day without bail.

Well according to The Blaze, the fine people of Portland also had few things to say about the incident. One wrote:

Give him ‘space’? This is the police force that the moronic leftists want. Counselors to use the warm, fuzzy approach to hardened criminals. Even if they are forced to arrest them, they have a fund to pay their bail. What nation can survive without LEOs to enforce its laws?

READ: Portland cops back off from man pounding on restaurant door to give him ‘space.’ Soon he breaks door with ‘grapefruit’-sized rock; staff hide in freezer.

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