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Portland: Police powerless to stop recent rioting in the city

The woke city council of Portland, Ore has basically hamstrung its police force by prohibiting it from using tools such as rubber bullets and pepper spray to quell riots, unless it gets really, really serious.

Meet Portland’s new ‘woke’ police force

It’s Portland, which may explain everything. But recently, there was a demonstration of how ‘woke’ the Portland police have become. The Blaze reports that police were called because someone was pounding on the backdoor of restaurant. The indoor dining was closed, but the employees were working the drive through. The police showed up with what is described as an Enhanced Crisis Intervention Team (ECIT) officer who was apparently running the show. The ECIT officer tried to softly talk the man out of breaking into the restaurant. Sadly, the man refused to listen to the ECIT’s psychologically formulated arguments, so the police ‘slowly’ backed away giving the man ‘space’ to continue breaking through the back door. By this point, he was using a grapefruit-sized rock and the employees inside the restaurant were hiding in the restaurant’s freezer. With the police and ECIT officer watching from afar, the man finally broke through the door. With people inside now in danger, the police decided they should probably do something, but the man barricaded himself inside the employee’s break …

‘A scared world, needs a fearless church’: Worship leader Sean Feucht confronts Antifa in Portland

Worship leader Sean Feucht reports that the day after members of Antifa, a left-wing extremist group, terrorized several Christians who had gathered for a time of prayer and worship at Portland’s harbour front on Saturday, Aug 7, 2021, over 5,000 Christians showed up the very next day to show that they would not allow themselves to be intimidated. When a group of Christians gathered the day earlier, several Antifa members showed up dressed in black and some with shields and weapons. They maced members of the Christian group and terrorized others, destroyed their sound equipment, forcing some families with young children to flee the event. Members of Antifa could be heard mocking, “where is your God now.” In what could only be described as a God coincidence, Sean, who has been holding worship services across America over the last several months, had four months earlier scheduled a service for Portland, the day after Antifa had disrupted the Saturday service. Declaring he would not be intimidated, Feucht went ahead with the service at the very location …

Antifa terrorizes families with children at Christian prayer event, while taunting them with ‘where is your god now’

Post Millennial is reporting that several people associated with the left-wing extremist organization, Antifa, attacked a group of Christians who had gathered to worship and pray at Portland’s waterfront on Saturday, Aug 7, 2021. Videos show Antifa militants, some carrying weapons and shields, dressed in black, pepper spraying and throwing objects at the Evangelical Christians who had gathered near the Battleship Oregon Memorial. As families with children were forced to flee, Antifa tore down the groups’ sound system and threw it in the Willamette River, breaking up the gathering. As soon as the event was announced, that featured Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was arrested for holding services during the COVID pandemic, Antifa members began responding on Twitter, threatening the event. During the attack, one member of Antifa could be heard taunting the Christians, asking “Where is your god now?” READ: BREAKING: Antifa assault families and children at Christian prayer event in Portland park AND Portland sees Antifa descend on Christian worship event, clash with Proud Boys in streets The Portland police were called, but …

20 vs 1: Portland mayor pushes to refund police

People are shaking their heads and wondering how these elected politicians actually believed things were going to improve when they cut police funding. Portland’s politicians were caught up in the fad of the day to defund police which they did by cutting $16 million from the police budget. And now Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler is wanting to add $2 million to the police budget.

Portland: Antifa peacefully celebrates Biden’s inauguration

A few hours after Joe Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States, Antifa and other left wing anarchists took to the streets of Portland celebrating the change of government. Sure they may have gotten a bit carried away and set fire to a few businesses. Sure they may have accidentally smashed some windows at the Democrat headquarters in the city, but it was part of the joyous and of course peaceful celebration. Thankfully, they were all wearing masks.

Antifa launches Thanksgiving Day attack in Portland

On Thanksgiving Day, Antifa, a left-wing anarchist group, attacked a veteran’s war memorial in Portland, toppling the statue on top and as well vandalizing several businesses in down town Portland. This even included a grocery store that openly supported the Black Lives Matter (BLM). Apparently, BLM is not radical enough. Even though one of its founder is a self-proclaimed “trained Marxist.” Breitbart explains what happened on Thanksgiving day: An Antifa group in Portland, Oregon, called for a Thanksgiving Eve attack on “symbols and structures of colonialism and capitalism.” The incited direct action led to the destruction and vandalism of a veterans’ war memorial and downtown businesses. PNY Youth Liberation Front, a group described as an Antifa group by independent journalist Andy Ngo, tweeted a call for a “decentralized anti-colonial day of action” on Thanksgiving Eve. The message began, “F**k Thanksgiving, f**k Black Friday!” READ: Portland Antifa Attack BLM-Supporting Grocery, War Memorial: ‘F**k Thanksgiving’ Andy Ngo videoed the vandalism (language warning): One Tweet summed it up well: Meanwhile, Oregon’s Democrat Gov. Kate Brown has set up …

Left wing anarchists target Portland businesses, again

The rioting apparently hasn’t stopped in Portland, Oregon and on Friday night, Nov. 20, 2020, a small group of left-wing anarchists took to the streets vandalizing several small businesses. The Blaze explains: Destructive saboteurs purposely damaged at least two dozen businesses in Portland on Friday night. The Portland Police Bureau declared that the night of civil unrest resulted in “widespread destruction to businesses in Hollywood neighborhood.” The Portland Police Bureau stated that a “group of nearly 50 people gathered” and then “vandalized many businesses including many small businesses in their path.” The vandals were “dressed in all black and seen wearing helmets and carrying umbrellas.” READ: ‘Widespread destruction to businesses’ in Portland by violent black bloc vandals

Oh, the irony: They claim ‘Capitalism is scary’

I don’t think the irony was intentional, but last night, Halloween, Antifa and its ilk decided to hold a “Capitalism is scary” protest in Portland, that quickly escalated into a peaceful riot. The New York Post explains what happened: Police declared a march against capitalism and police violence a riot in Portland, Oregon, after demonstrators smashed the windows of businesses and threw projectiles at cops. The damage was caused during the “Capitalism is Scary” march that began around 7:15 p.m. Saturday from Irving Park, Oregon Live reported. But as the group marched south to Portland’s convention center, some of the protesters smashed the windows of buildings, including a bank, a real estate agency, two phone company stores, a hotel and a Starbucks, the outlet reported. READ: Police declare riot in Portland after unrest during ‘Capitalism is Scary’ march Not content with attacking businesses on Halloween, Portland’s peaceful rioters headed to the suburbs. Breitbart explains: Rioters quickly moved from a business district in northeast Portland onto residential streets after police declared a riot condition. Anti-capitalist, anti-police rioters …

Leading Portland mayoral candidate supports Stalin?

According to a report on WND, a left-leaning mayoral candidate in Portland, Oregon, Sarah Innarone, was seen in public wearing a skirt made up of images of two of communism’s largest mass murderers, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong. It is estimated that Stalin was responsible for well over 20 million deaths in the Soviet Union and Mao upwards of 65 million deaths in China.

Portland: Man arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to hotel gas line?

According to Andy Ngo, a man was recently arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to a gas line for a hotel in Portland: I am not familiar with this type of stuff, but I suspect setting fire to a gas pipeline could be extremely dangerous. Andy Ngo then cited a tweet of the woman who allegedly reported the incident. The police told her that the local DA would probably just release the guy in a few days: Not sure this is related, but…. READ: Most charges against Portland protesters won’t be prosecuted, DA says It took a while, but: Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, feel police aren’t using enough force, poll finds AND Oregon voters say Portland protests now do more harm than good, new poll says It kind of reminds me of environmental extremists who were setting bombs to natural gas pipelines in British Columbia, Canada a few year’s back. READ: UPDATE 3: Second Canadian pipeline damaged in explosion

Portland: Peaceful rioters set fire to apartment building

Last night, left-wing extremists in Portland set fire inside an occupied condominium building. They also looted nearby stores brought out the furniture and set fire to it in the middle of the street. This happened as the Portland police decided stay hidden hoping the riot would de-escalate. Of course, it didn’t and police were forced to step in after they set a fire in the lobby of the condominium building. The Daily Wire reports: “A mass gathering devolved into a riot after individuals broke windows, burglarized a business, and lit a fire in an occupied apartment building,” the Portland Police Department said in a statement. “Some in the crowd began lighting off what appeared to be illegal commercial-grade fireworks. A fire was lit in a garbage can in the street. Some windows were broken and walls were defaced with graffiti . In an attempt to deescalate, officers stayed out of sight and monitored the situation from a distance. However, the vandalism and burning continued. People were seen burglarizing a business, taking furniture out, and throwing …

Left-wing anarchists storm Portland suburbs

It’s getting close to three months of consecutive nightly violence in Portland, that was at one time approved by Portland’s Democrat Mayor, Ted Wheeler. He actually joined the rioters as they tried to set fire to a federal courthouse. READ: WATCH: Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds But the left wing extremists have turned their attention from downtown Portland to its residential area. Last night, hundreds of left-wing anarchists stormed a suburb of Portland shining lights into homes and going up to their bedrooms windows and screaming at people to get up. The Daily Wire Reports: Journalist Andy Ngo identified them as being part of antifa. The far-left activists wore black and carried shields, at least one of which could briefly be seen with a hammer and sickle symbol on it. “Out of your house, into the streets!” the activists screamed as they marched through the residential neighborhood. They repeated the chant countless times throughout the area. Lots more to read if you are interested. READ: Leftists Storm Suburbs, …

Riots force Portland police to ignore 911 calls last night

According to a report on Fox News, last night (Aug. 15-16, 2020) Portland police were forced to ignore over sixty 911 calls as officers were needed to deal with rioters. Fox News explains: More than 60 emergency calls to police went unheeded overnight in Portland as officers were preoccupied with hundreds of demonstrators downtown and were pelted by rocks. On the 80th consecutive night of protests, the Portland Police Bureau declared a riot around midnight Sunday after a crowd of hundreds had blocked traffic for three hours by the Penumbra Kelly Building in the 4700 block of East Burnside Street, trespassed on the closed property and engaged in “violent, tumultuous conduct.” READ: Over 60 Portland 911 calls go unheeded overnight as police respond to riot Of course, it wasn’t that long ago when Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler showed his support for rioters by joining them in their assault on a federal courthouse. READ: WATCH: Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds AND ‘This Is No Longer About George Floyd’: Portland Police Union Boss Claims Elected …

PORTLAND: Cowards run in packs

Apparently, the rioting is continuing in Portland. I am not sure how many days this is now, but it must be well over two months. Meanwhile, the Democrat mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, who actually participated in one riot, keeps his head deeply buried in the sand. And apparently, the rioters have now turned their attention on a police precinct located in the suburbs of Portland. And the people of Portland are trying to stand up for their city. This includes two elderly women, who the rioters turned on. There is an old saying “cowards run in packs.” How many brave left-wing extremists does it take to assault and harass elderly women? One of the elderly women was apparently using a walker. The Daily Wire explains: Rioters again returned to the Portland Police Department’s East Precinct Thursday night, which is in a residential area, where they doused an elderly woman with paint and harassed another who was using a walker. Once again, the Portland Police Department was forced to declare a supposed protest an “unlawful …

Portland’s radical left now burning Bibles?

Though the rioting have toned down over the last couple of days, last night the radical left was allegedly trying to incite a reaction from the officers inside the federal courthouse, that has been the target of their violence in recent weeks, by trying to tear down the barricades surrounding the building and setting fires, that included burning a pile of Bibles.

Violence, chaos, fires, death as city mayors fiddle

Ancient writers claimed that Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned to the ground in 64 AD. Despite these stories, many modern historians state it never happened. But if you want evidence that it did, you only have to watch America’s city mayors in action. Not only are some mayors standing back and allowing the rioting to take place by hamstringing their police, others have actually voiced their support and one mayor even participated in a riot.