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Portland: Antifa sets fire to Apple Store, shots fired

Portland rioting, April 16, 2021 Twitter Video Capture: Suzette Smith

Rioting has turned into a night out in Portland, Oregon. While, normal people think of going to a movie or out for a meal, in Portland they ask should we burn down a courthouse or an Apple Store.

Last night, the left-wing anarchist group, Antifa, was out in force and an Apple Store was on the menu.

The Blaze reports:

Despite advance warnings, Portland Police Bureau officers were powerless to stop another night of rioting, arson, and gunfire carried out by Antifa. Rioters set multiple fires and engaged in drive-by gunfire.

Antifa rioters set an Apple Store on fire Friday night during the third declared riot in five days. The fire was one of the multiple fires Portland police officers were powerless to prevent. […]

Portland Police Bureau officials issued a warning Friday night that a planned “Direct Action” by Antifa could lead to a “high fire danger.”

READ: Antifa Rioters Burn Portland Apple Store, Fire Guns from Cars

But don’t dismay, Portland’s re-elected Democrat Mayor, Ted Wheeler, recently unveiled his secret weapon to stamp out the city’s rapidly escalating gun violence and rioting — unarmed Park Rangers. READ: Portland aims to fight crime with more unarmed park rangers; no new cash for police

And when Ted Wheeler enjoyed a night out last year, he ordered a courthouse, slightly seared:

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