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Is the left loving the homeless to death? The homeless think so.

An interesting interview of a homeless woman by KATU TV in Portland, Oregon revealed the failure of the left-wing politicos when it comes to dealing with homelessness, The Blaze reports.

When asked what it is like being homeless in Portland, the woman who went by the name of Wendy, said it is a piece of cake:

“I mean, that’s why you probably got so many out here because they feed you three meals a day, You don’t have to do s*** but stay in your tent or party. Or, if you smoke a lot of dope, you can do that.”

Then Wendy added, “They are loving us to death.”

Kevin Dahlgren, who works with a homeless outreach called, We Heart Portland, explained what she meant:

“Not just Wendy, but multiple homeless have said that the system is ‘loving us to death. They hate the idea that they’re being enabled. They may not say no to it, but they still don’t like it. What they want is to be empowered. They want responsibility. They want accountability.

READ: ‘They are loving us to death’: Homeless say Portland’s policies make it too easy to live on the street, fail to empower

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