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Irony: Guess who just called 911 and why?

Jo Ann Hardesty is a City Commissioner in Portland who has been pushing for the city to defund the police. She also oversees the city’s 911 dispatch system and does not want police sent on 911 calls that don’t involve actual crimes. But apparently that only applies to us commoners, because Hardesty recently called 911 on a Lyft driver.

The Blaze provides the gory details:

Now get this: Hardesty actually called 911 recently over a Lyft driver who abruptly canceled her ride after he said she was “rude and abusive” toward him, the Oregonian reported.

“She was not a pleasant person,” driver Richmond Frost told the paper, adding that he didn’t even know who Hardesty was until after the ordeal had concluded. “That has nothing to do with her political position as a Portland council person. I’m out here doing my job. She was very disrespectful to me, made me uncomfortable. I don’t feel like I have to sit in a car for anyone to have to argue unrelentingly and be rude and abusive, telling me what I have to do in my own vehicle.”

So what was the problem? Well because of COVID, Lyft asks its drivers to leave their windows slightly open because they can’t be separated by six feet from their passengers. According to the Lyft driver, Hardesty began harassing him to shut his windows. The driver tried to explain that it was Lyft policy, but that didn’t help.

The driver finally got fed up, cancelled the ride and the charge and dropped Hardesty off at a gas station. Hardesty refused to leave the car and called 911. The Lyft driver also called 911 because the City Commissioner refused to exit his vehicle.

So the police had to be sent out to settle Hardesty’s petty dispute.

But there is so much more to this story including the 911 dispatchers response to Hardesty. READ: Portland politician who wants to defund police calls 911 on Lyft driver for canceling ride. The driver? He had enough of her ‘rude and abusive’ words.

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