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Left-wing anarchists terrorize Portland’s elected officials

Protest in front of Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in Portland, Oregon, July 22, 2020
Credit: Tedder/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

When Portland’s city council recently voted not to defund the police, left-wing anarchists attacked the home of one of the city’s commissioners who voted against the funding cut. The defeated motion would have seen another 7.3% cut from the police budget, that had previously been cut by $15 million in June.

The Blaze writes:

Dozens of left-wing protesters vandalized a Portland commissioner’s home after he voted against a measure that would defund part of the Portland Police Bureau’s budget.

The disconcerting event unfolded on Thursday according to the Portland Police.

Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan had voted against a measure earlier that day that would have redirected $18 million from the police budget to other programs supporting social causes.

Portland Unified Command said that the group marched to Ryan’s home, broke a window and tossed “burning flares and paint filled balloons” at the house. Video on social media captured the protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter!” and “F**k you Dan Ryan!!” during the protest.

READ: BLM rioters vandalize Portland commissioner’s house after he voted against defunding police; city hall hit with arson attack

Apparently someone even tried to set fire to Portland’s City Hall:

Even Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, was shocked by the attempt to intimidate the commissioner:

This is an amazing turnaround for Wheeler who had previously joined rioters as they tried to set fire to a federal courthouse. He got gassed for that effort:

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