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Portland: Man arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to hotel gas line?

According to Andy Ngo, a man was recently arrested for allegedly trying to set fire to a gas line for a hotel in Portland:

I am not familiar with this type of stuff, but I suspect setting fire to a gas pipeline could be extremely dangerous.

Andy Ngo then cited a tweet of the woman who allegedly reported the incident. The police told her that the local DA would probably just release the guy in a few days:

Not sure this is related, but…. READ: Most charges against Portland protesters won’t be prosecuted, DA says

It took a while, but: Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, feel police aren’t using enough force, poll finds AND Oregon voters say Portland protests now do more harm than good, new poll says

It kind of reminds me of environmental extremists who were setting bombs to natural gas pipelines in British Columbia, Canada a few year’s back. READ: UPDATE 3: Second Canadian pipeline damaged in explosion

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