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Another night of peaceful rioting in Portland

Rioting in Portland overnight Sept. 5-6, 2020. Credit: Andy Ngo Twitter video capture

It’s almost at the point you need a calculator to keep track of how many nights in a row there has been peaceful rioting in Portland. But according to reports it’s been 100.

The Blaze described what happened last night:

At about 9:15 p.m., rioters began throwing fire bombs, shooting illegal fireworks, mortars, and hurling rocks at police officers. One rioter had a “wrist-rocket” type of slingshot. A Portland police sergeant was “struck by a commercial grade firework, which burned through his glove and injured his hand,” according to the Portland Police Bureau. Portland police responded with crowd control munitions, including tear gas and impact weapons.

Unfortunately, one of the protestors caught fire when a Molotov cocktail thrown at police fell short.

There is a bit of good news, as the Oregon State police are back protecting the city. The State Police had previously walked away because the local DA was unwilling to prosecute many of the people charged with rioting.

The State Police returned after being told their arrests will now be turned over to a federal prosecutor instead.

The Blaze explains more about the local DA:

This is a significant development since Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Shmidt announced last month that his office would not prosecute certain crimes during the ongoing protests. Included in those crimes that his office refused to prosecute is interfering with a peace officer or parole and probation officer, disorderly conduct in the second degree, criminal trespass in the first and second degree, escape in the third degree, harassment, and riot (unless accompanied by a charge outside of this list).

READ: Portland protester catches on fire after rioters throw Molotov cocktails and launch fireworks at police

It is a political mess in Portland. You have a mayor who at one point actually joined the rioters as they tried to set fire to a federal courthouse and a DA who is unwilling to prosecute many of the peaceful rioters.

Meanwhile, in Oakland, you have Black Lives Matter protestors chanting “Death to America,” the calling card of Iranian extremists. READ: VIDEO: BLM protesters in Oakland channel Iran, shout ‘Death to America!’

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