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Antifa terrorizes families with children at Christian prayer event, while taunting them with ‘where is your god now’

Antifa terrorizing Christians attending prayer and worship event at Portland on Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021 Credit: YouTube video capture

Post Millennial is reporting that several people associated with the left-wing extremist organization, Antifa, attacked a group of Christians who had gathered to worship and pray at Portland’s waterfront on Saturday, Aug 7, 2021.

Videos show Antifa militants, some carrying weapons and shields, dressed in black, pepper spraying and throwing objects at the Evangelical Christians who had gathered near the Battleship Oregon Memorial.

As families with children were forced to flee, Antifa tore down the groups’ sound system and threw it in the Willamette River, breaking up the gathering.

As soon as the event was announced, that featured Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who was arrested for holding services during the COVID pandemic, Antifa members began responding on Twitter, threatening the event.

During the attack, one member of Antifa could be heard taunting the Christians, asking “Where is your god now?”

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The Portland police were called, but did nothing to stop the confrontation, revealing once again who is really in charge of the city.

When they are not terrorizing Christian gatherings, Antifa has also been vandalizing and burning down churches in the area. READ: Chaos in Portland, Oregon: Antifa Member Convicted of Assault as Attacks on Churches, Police Escalate

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  1. Peter says

    Yet Antifa won’t attack Mosques? answer the Muslims fight back with no quarter given = RESPECT or FEAR US
    What Christians need now is the equivalent of the Knights Templars. Yes believe in God, but treat people as they treat you. Not treat people as you hope that they might treat you.


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