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Seattle rioters set off large explosion injuring police

It is incredible how the mainstream media still describes what is happening in Seattle and Portland as peaceful demonstrations. But last night Seattle rioters purposefully set off an explosion near a police car that injured three officers, sending one to the hospital.

The Daily Wire explains what happened:

Although the protests in Seattle have been routinely destructive, Sunday’s saw the use of a large incendiary device, apparently designed to injure police officers and inflict maximum damage.

“Multiple explosives were thrown toward officers,” Seattle’s police department said in a statement. “Several officers were struck by explosives and injured.”

Photos, obtained by Fox News, show one officer with lacerations to his neck and below his eye and what looks to be a large bruise just below his eye socket. Another photo shows an officer with burns to the back of his neck, just below his hairline.

READ: Seattle Rioters Set Off ‘Large Explosion’ That Sends Cops To The Hospital

Some blacks are tiring of the left-wing ‘white’ extremists who are behind much of the recent violence.

The Blaze explains what happened in Portland over the weekend:

The interaction sees an unidentified black male confronting a white activist for assaulting counterprotesters with a bat, at one point removing the bat from the white male’s possession. […]

The unidentified white male protester reportedly beat a counterprotester with a bat during the Portland, Oregon, riots that took place over the weekend.

READ: Black man goes viral for scolding, apparently disarming violent white BLM protester: ‘Black people are going to get blamed for that!’

More on the peaceful demonstrations in Portland last night:

READ: Black Lives Matter Rioters in Portland Target Passersby in Violent Sunday Night

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