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Seattle rioters set off large explosion injuring police

It is incredible how the mainstream media still describes what is happening in Seattle and Portland as peaceful demonstrations. But last night Seattle rioters purposefully set off an explosion near a police car that injured three officers, sending one to the hospital.

Montreal student riot May 19, 2012 Credit: scottmontreal/Flickr

Are you ready for when “It Begins Nov 4?”

I am writing this a few days before the big day. It is always interesting to remember the time before it all happened. Apparently this is a time we will forget because big things will happen on November 4. Some radical groups, mostly in the U.S. have committed themselves to a violent uprising on one day. The promise is a threat to anyone who thinks differently than them. Some opponents think this promise is only bait, to make any opposers look bad and to get them arrested when they try to stop the uprising. “Take To The Streets And Public Squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met” RELATED: November 4 the day it begins Are you ready? I don’t know what will actually happen, maybe some angry demonstrations, but I am not worried about the action, I am afraid of the reaction. The police know more about this than us, and they have been getting ready for weeks. My high school …

Protestors Credit: washingtonydc/Flickr/Creative Commons

We Need More Sin in 2017?

We have a lot of complaining in the world. I wanted to give you a link to someone whining about something on video, but I can’t. This is a Christian blog and they all swear like angry sailors. Maybe try words like “millennial” or “Trump” or “Brexit” or “safe space” or “immigration” with a search engine. I’m sure you get the picture. You might see a video of a violently angry complainer, or maybe someone with an equally angry response. And I warned you about the swearing. I don’t remember people acting like this ten years ago; the world has changed. Now a democratic election is close to a civil war and people seem to hate their neighbors who vote for the other side. Arguments are loud and emotional and we win if we drown out the other side, or maybe insult them into silent shame, or steal their election signs. It’s a cage match between the Deplorables and the Snowflakes. Here’s a problem; we don’t have enough sin. We have loud emotional arguments, on …