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20 vs 1: Portland mayor pushes to refund police

People are shaking their heads and wondering how these elected politicians actually believed things were going to improve when they cut police funding.

Portland’s politicians were caught up in the fad of the day to defund police which they did by cutting $16 million from the police budget. And now Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler is wanting to add $2 million to the police budget.

Why you ask?

It is what everyone, except Democrat politicians, predicted. With police funding cut, Portland’s crime rates are skyrocketing. So far this year, Portland has reported 20 murders compared to only one the same time last year.

Fox News reports:

The mayor of Portland, Ore., called for nearly $2 million in additional funding for the city’s police force and other agencies Friday, citing a rise in homicides and other violent crime.

But members of the city council were either mum or not fully committed so far on whether they’ll back the plan, according to reports.

The request by second-term Mayor Ted Wheeler came Friday during his State of the City address – and three days after Wheeler condemned one of the latest killings in the city, the broad-daylight slaying of a 42-year-old man in a city park on Tuesday.

READ: Portland mayor looks to re-fund police with $2M request as homicides spike – but council support unclear

And we should also mention, the Portland rioters are back. READ: Portland rioters attack federal courthouse, set fires, and bash Biden: ‘New president same imperialism’ AND Portland Police Detain 100 Antifa Rioters, Arrest 13

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