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Happy ‘birthing people’s day”?

The silliness of the woke progressives was on full display on Mother’s Day, as some referred to mothers as “birthing people.”

Of course, this was all originally led by Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, who a few months earlier led the charge banning terms like mother, father, son and daughter in the US congress. READ: It’s Official: Democrats Pass Sexless Speech Codes for House of Representatives

But even Pelosi came to her senses and realized that Mother’s Day belonged to mothers and wished “Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family.”

However, not all did as Fox News notes:

However, Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., and pro-choice group NARAL have emphasized the term “birthing people” in recent days.

“Every day, Black birthing people and our babies die because our doctors don’t believe our pain. My children almost became a statistic. I almost became a statistic. I testified about my experience @OversightDems today. Hear us. Believe us. Because for so long, nobody has,” Bush wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

“When we talk about birthing people, we’re being inclusive. It’s that simple. We use gender neutral language when talking about pregnancy, because it’s not just cis-gender women that can get pregnant and give birth. Reproductive freedom is for *every* body,” NARAL posted on its official Twitter account on the same day.

READ: Pelosi, Biden praise moms on Mother’s Day amid progressive talk of ‘birthing people’

According to Wikipedia, Rep Cori Bush who is from Missouri is listed as a pastor. And on Jan 3, 2021, Democrat Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, who is also an ordained Methodist Preacher, opened the 117th Congress in prayer, and then closed it with “amen and a-woman.”

But as some pointed out, Rep Cleaver should ask for his money back on his seminary training, because ‘amen’ does not mean what he thinks it means:

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