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Are people tiring of woke companies preaching at them?

According to the Daily Wire, there is growing evidence people are tiring of woke companies preaching at them on social issues.

And that showed up in the recent poll by the Center for Policy Studies in Britain. In the survey, the Brits were given ten choices on how corporations could be better corporate citizens.

One of the choices included speaking out about social issues. It was the last thing people wanted, with only 9% supporting this idea.

The top choices included ensuring the company made a profit, so they stay in business, and looking after their employees.

The survey also revealed that 18% of Brits consider themselves to be woke, which reveals how a small minority is now dominating social media and modern culture.

And in contrast with the mainstream media and left wing activists, 63% of Brits believe the country is “a nation of equality and freedom” instead of being a country that is “institutionally racist and discriminatory.”

The survey also revealed that 64% of Brits believe that people should be able to express their opinions without the fear of being cancelled.

READ: Poll: Brits Hate It When Companies Preach About ‘Social Issues’

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Along a similar vein, a poll conducted in the US by The Hill revealed that 64% of Americans that the rise of cancel culture is a threat to people’s personal freedom. READ: Poll: 64% Of Americans See ‘Cancel Culture’ As A Threat To Their Freedom

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