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Minneapolis mayor admits defunding police a bad idea

Minneapolis Police Department, 3rd precinct May 28, 2020
Credit: Public Domain

From the file of the painfully obvious, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has just publicly admitted the dramatically rising crime rate in their city may be due in part to the city council’s call to defund the police.

The Blaze explains:

As the movement to defund the police gained steam, crime in the city began to increase as cops left the force. After a while, the same city council that trashed cops and threatened to gut their departments realized the city needed help, and they were forced to outsource its police work.

Just a few months later, the council voted so spend an additional $6.4 million on the police. But the damage had already been done.

Crime has been spiking in Minneapolis. Just last weekend, seven people were shot in a span of 12 hours, according to WCCO-TV.

The problem has become so severe that Mayor Frey is holding meetings with community leaders in an attempt to find solutions to the spike in violent crime. And he has been forced to admit that the calls to abolish the police are at least partly responsible.

READ: Minneapolis mayor admits that calls to ‘defund the police’ led to a spike in crime

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Of course, this is not the only thing politicians did in Minneapolis.

They also wanted to make it easier to riot. READ: Minneapolis Council Demands Police Stop Using Certain Riot Control Tools

They complained about the city’s rising crime rate. READ: Democrat-Controlled Minneapolis City Council Votes To Cut Millions From Police Amid Record Crime Rates

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Of course, we can’t ignore the hypocrisy of Minneapolis politicians. READ: Minneapolis council members who voted to abolish cops get private security

Meanwhile, Black leaders called for an end to “defund police” insanity. READ‘Absurd, Crazy, Ridiculous’: Black Leaders Slam Minneapolis City Council’s Plan To Defund The Police

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