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Poll: 181 million Americans read their Bible in 2020, up from 169 million in 2019

According to a recent poll conducted by the American Bible Society and Barna, the number of Americans who opened a Bible in 2020 was up 7.1% over 2019.

The counterintuitive church

It is one of those good news, bad news scenarios. No Christian likes persecution, and increasingly believers are being targeted for their beliefs in Western Democracies and as counterintuitive as it sounds, this may actually be good news for the church. According to a study by Nilay Saiya and Stuti Manchanda, published in Society of Religion, an academic journal, there is a strange anomaly in Christianity where it does better in places where it’s not the favoured religion and even faces active persecution, than in countries where it is embraced. The authors came to this conclusion after studying the growth and acceptance of Christianity in 166 nations between 2010 and 2020. The authors noted that of the ten countries with the fastest growing Christian populations today, seven of them involve nations that have low acceptance or even resistance to the Christian faith: Malawi, Uganda,  Rwanda,  Madagascar,  Liberia, DR Congo, and  Angola. Only three nations, where Christianity was politically and culturally accepted, made it in to the top ten: Tanzania, Zambia, and Kenya. Saiya and Manchand added …

Has God failed you?

By Dr. Michael L. Brown If God of the Bible is who the Bible says He is, then, by His very nature, it’s impossible for Him to fail. Then why ask the question, “Has God failed you?” It’s because, for all too many people, it feels as if God failed them. Perhaps you are one of those people? Maybe you suffered a devastating loss, something that was almost impossible to bear. But what made things even worse was that you felt abandoned by God. With tears of anguish you cried out, “God, where are You!?” To this day, you still wonder, “Where was God when I was hurting? Why didn’t He let me feel His presence? Why didn’t He speak to me or send help my way when I needed Him the most? What kind of God is that – if He even exists? Or was there something wrong with me?” Some of you wonder why your prayers for healing or provision or deliverance were not answered. As a result, you concluded that the Bible …

Will Ontario & Quebec be oil free tomorrow?

Grab your popcorn, it could be an interesting day in Canada tomorrow (May 12, 2021). For those unfamiliar with Canada geography and politics, the west has the third-largest oil reserves in the world. Yet despite this, Eastern Canada buys a significant portion of its oil from Saudi Arabia and the remaining half is obtained through pipelines beneath the Great Lakes that transport oil sent from Western Canada to Michigan, USA and then back to refineries in Ontario.