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Poll: 64% believe social media is tearing America apart

According to a poll conducted by NBC News, nearly two-thirds of Americans (64%) believe social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are dividing America. In comparison, only 27% believe they are bringing America together.

News Max reports more details:

When this question was last asked in March two years ago, 57% said social media platforms do more to divide the nation, while 35% said they do more to unite.

Despite these feelings overall towards social media, 66% say they use it once a day or more, while 33% don’t, figures which are essentially unchanged from when the same question was asked in 2018 and 2019.

READ: Poll: Almost Two-Thirds Say Social Media Platforms Tearing Nation Apart AND Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans say social media platforms are tearing us apart

Not only do Americans believe that social media is damaging society, they also believe social media has too much power. READ: Pew Research: 72% of Americans Believe Social Media Companies Hold Too Much Power in Politics

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