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North Korea to chair the UN’s nuclear disarmament forum

Models of North Korean’s Unha-9 missile
Credit: Steven Herman/Voice of America/Wikipedia/Public Domain

It’s the UN, so nothing should surprise us. But even the most ardent supporters of this colossal waste of tax dollars must acknowledge that the appointment of North Korea to chair the United Nations Conference on Disarmament is beyond stupid.

Over the years, the country’s tyrannical despot, Kim Jong-un, has threatened to launch nuclear attacks on several nations including the US, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Britain, and the rest of the world.

Of course, every rogue nuclear nation should have a turn at heading the UN’s nuclear disarmament forum, even if the appointment is only ceremonial. Some have compared this to putting a serial rapist in charge of a woman’s shelter.

Breitbart explains:

The jaw-dropping chairmanship transition was announced in January and will evidently proceed on schedule, giving the psychotic dictatorship of North Korea four weeks to ceremonially chair the U.N. disarmament body — even though North Korea is under heavy U.N. sanctions for recklessly proceeding with its nuclear missile program.

The New York Post (NYP) in January called the announcement “fresh proof of the lunacy of the United Nations” and noted North Korea had just conducted four illegal ballistic missile tests.

“Any government that actually cares about disarmament ought to boycott, as the United States and Canada did when Iran held the same chair in 2013,” the NYP advised.

And this is not even the first time something like this happened. In 2013, the UN also appointed Iran to chair the forum.

Undoubtedly, Russia will be up for a turn as well. It certainly fit the bill as the country’s delusional President, Vladimir Putin, has been threatening nuclear war for the past several weeks.

READ: U.N. Nuclear Disarmament Forum Welcomes North Korea to Chairmanship

A few headlines on North Korea’s nuclear program from this year:

May 24, 2022, READ: North Korea fired suspected ICBM and 2 other missiles, South Korea says

May 7, 2022, READ: North Korea Fires Suspected Submarine-Launched Missile into Sea

March 14, 2022, READ: North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile toward sea

Jan 14, 2022, READ: North Korea fires fresh missiles as it warns U.S. over sanctions AND North Korea fires more missiles, in third weapons launch this month

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