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Minneapolis mayor admits defunding police a bad idea

From the file of the painfully obvious, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has just publicly admitted the dramatically rising crime rate in their city may be due in part to the city council’s call to defund the police.

Minneapolis city council wonders why crime is rising

Minneapolis council members have been criticizing the police and calling for the department’s defunding since George Floyd’s death at the end of May. In June, the Democrat council voted to unanimously to abolish the police department. So, people were caught off a bit off guard during a two-hour meeting discussing police reform, when city politicians started complaining to the city’s chief of Police about rising crime rates:

Grandfather pleads: ‘We Need More Police’

With demands by left-wing radicals to defund or fully dismantle police, a horrified grandfather told reporters “We need more police” after his 11-year-old black grandson was killed at an “anti-violence” cook out. The Daily Wire explains what happened: Over the weekend, an 11-year-old child was shot and killed by stray gunfire after leaving an “anti-violence” cookout put on by his mother Crystal McNeal, a so-called “violence interrupter” in D.C., where she works to stop potential violence by speaking to the area’s most hardened criminals. The criminals connected to young Davon’s death remain at large, though a report from The Washington Post published on Sunday suggests gang activity might have been related to the shooting; Davon, of course, not being a target but an innocent bystander. As the cookout ended, Davon left to retrieve a phone charger and earbuds. At the same time, police say about five men started shooting at one another on a street nearby the cookout. READ: 11-Year-Old Black Child Shot And Killed After ‘Anti-Violence’ Cookout; Grandfather: ‘We Need More Police’ An eight-year-old black girl was killed …

No surprise: Minneapolis manufacturer is relocating

7-Sigma Inc., a manufacturing company employing dozens of people in Minneapolis, announced it will be moving out of the city, after its building was burned to the ground during the rioting. This followed Minneapolis City Council’s announcement, that it has enough support to dismantle the city police force. Council president Lisa Bender claimed the ability to call the police for help is a sign of privilege. The Daily Wire writes: “They don’t care about my business,” Kris Wyrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc., told the Star Tribune. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.” As he watched a nearby business burn to the ground, Wyrobek noted, “The fire engine was just sitting there, but they wouldn’t do anything.” According to the Star Tribune the Minneapolis riots: Completely destroyed 52 businesses; Severely damaged 30 businesses; and Damaged over 1,000 businesses. READ: IT BEGINS: Rioters Burned Down Minneapolis Manufacturer. Now They’re Relocating, Taking Jobs With Them

Franklin Graham responds to George Floyd’s death

Minneapolis is aflame as protestors express their outrage over the death of George Floyd, a black man who was arrested and then died, as a result of a police officer putting his knee on Floyd’s neck as he lay on the ground handcuffed. The disturbing incident was videoed by several people. Though the protests turned violent, many of the protestors were peacefully expressing their outrage over what happened. Christian Post provided a breakdown of Floyd’s final minutes: “I can’t breathe. My face,” he responded as the officer kept pressing into his neck and asked him, “What do you want?” “I can’t breathe. Your knee’s in my neck. I can’t breathe, sh*t,” he said. Floyd cried for his mother in desperation as his pleas to the officer went unheeded. “Mama! Mama!” he cried. Floyd then tells the officer pinning him down that he was feeling pain everywhere. “My stomach hurt. My neck hurt. Everything hurts,” he said. Floyd was soon begging for water. “Water or something. Please. Please,” he said. About a minute-and-a-half into the video, …