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Violence, chaos, fires, death as city mayors fiddle

Ancient writers claimed that Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned to the ground in 64 AD. Despite these stories, many modern historians state it never happened.

But if you want evidence that it did, you only have to watch America’s city mayors in action. Not only are some mayors standing back and allowing the rioting to take place by hamstringing their police, others have actually voiced their support and one mayor even participated in a riot.

Last night, chaos and violence ensued in several cities across America, that included one fatal shooting.

Fox News writes:

Another night of rioting and lawlessness exploded in more than half a dozen U.S. cities Saturday night — with the mayhem including damage to federal buildings, local police precincts, and a fatal shooting in Austin, Texas.

Subheads from the Fox News article, outlines what happened in each city:

Portland, Ore.: Courthouse fence breached

Seattle: Explosive blows hole in precinct wall

Austin, Texas: Fatal shooting

Aurora, Colo.: Vehicle drives through crowd; courthouse fire

Oakland, Calif.: Courthouse fire

Omaha: ‘Potential of getting violent’ prompts arrests

Los Angeles: Damage to courthouse, City Hall clash

READ: American mayhem: More rioting and lawlessness in cities across US

Here are a few more headlines describing last night’s events. It is hard to explain why these city mayors are allowing their cities to burn:

SEATTLE: Under 1,000 rioters set fires, assaulted police and burned down a Starbucks. READ: Seattle Riot: Police Arrest 25 After ‘Explosives’ Thrown at Officers AND Rabid rioters burn justice center, apartment building in violent clashes: Media won’t show ‘full picture’ because ‘they don’t want you to realize Antifa’ torched homes

LOS ANGELES: After Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti publicly stated his support for the rioters in Portland, rioters took to the streets of Los Angeles last night. READ Demonstrators Attack Federal Buildings in L.A. in Solidarity with Portland

OAKLAND, CA: The demonstration started off peaceful and then. READ: Oakland: Rioters ‘Peacefully Marched’ Before Attacking Police, Federal Buildings (PHOTOS)

PORTLAND: This was the 56th straight night of rioting. READ: WATCH: Extremists Attack Authorities In Portland, Tear Down Part Of Fence Before Getting Rushed By Police

We reported earlier that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler actually joined the rioters a couple nights back, as they lobbed burning garbage bags at a federal courthouse. READ: WATCH: Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds

This is a result of a riot a few days ago. READ: Federal Officers in Portland May Have Permanent Eye Damage After Protesters Shine Lasers in Their Faces From reports, this was the 56

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