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LA Sheriff blames left-wing politics for escalating violence

From the file of the blatantly obvious, a Los Angeles County sheriff states that the dramatic rise in crime and gun violence in his county is due to the progressive policies of left-wing Democrat politicians and the ‘defund the police’ movement.

Why did Los Angeles increase police funding?

Despite the fact, the Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti vowed not to increase police funding, promising to divert any increases to other worthy causes, he dutifully raised his hand in support as the city council unanimously voted to increase the police budget. The city’s law enforcement departments had originally asked for $11 million, but for some reason the city coughed up $36 million. I wonder why Garcetti changed his mind? The Blaze explains: In the first two months of 2021, Los Angeles Police Department officers have fielded 88% more reports of shots fired than the same time period in 2020. Gunshot victims in L.A. are up 141% versus last year, and homicides are up 39%, according to Crosstown, a nonprofit news organization based out of the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. There were 15 hate crimes reported in Los Angeles in 2020, up from seven reported in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Police Commission. To combat the wave of violent crime, the California city has voted on Thursday to increase police …

Did hypocritical L.A. City councilor call police 8 times?

On July 1, 2020, Democrat Los Angeles city councilman, Mike Bonin, voted with 11 other members of city council to reduce the spending of the L.A. police department by $150 million. But what Bonin didn’t want everyone to know is that since April he or someone from his office had called the police for help eight times. The Daily Wire explains: A member of the Los Angeles City Council voted to cut $150 million out of the Los Angeles Police Department’s $1.8 billion operating budget. But, according to a new report, the LAPD has been called to his home eight times by the councilman or a member of his staff since April 4. Fox News reporter Bill Melugin was the person who exposed Bonin’s undercover police activity: As soon as the information was released, Bonin immediately denied making the calls. The police responded: READ: L.A. City Councilman Voted To Slash Police Budget. LAPD Called To His Home Eight Times Since April.

Violence, chaos, fires, death as city mayors fiddle

Ancient writers claimed that Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned to the ground in 64 AD. Despite these stories, many modern historians state it never happened. But if you want evidence that it did, you only have to watch America’s city mayors in action. Not only are some mayors standing back and allowing the rioting to take place by hamstringing their police, others have actually voiced their support and one mayor even participated in a riot.

No irony here?

One more from the “do as I say, not as I do elitist crowd.” Apparently, Democrat Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez has been pushing to defund the Los Angeles police force. In fact, Martinez was the person who introduced the motion to reduce police spending in LA by $150 million. Meanwhile: The Daily Wire writes: “The private security detail infuriated some members of the force when Martinez became one of the council members to spearhead a motion to cut $150 million in funding to the LAPD’s budget,” Brunell reported Monday. “Multiple LAPD sources confirmed the units were directed to provide 24/7 security beginning April 4 at Martinez’s home, almost always staffed by two officers. As of May 6, we’re told the detail decreased to 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. with roving patrol checks overnight.” One police officer noted: “It’s kind of ironic. Here she is demanding $150 million be reallocated from the police budget, but yet she has security at her house by the Los Angeles Police Department.” READ: Top L.A. Democrat Pushed …