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7-11 closes stores in LA due to robberies and violence

With woke DAs, who refuse to prosecute criminals, and Californians essentially legalizing any shoplifting crimes under $950 in value, the state has seen a rash of brazen shoplifters pillaging stores across the state.

And now 7-11’s corporate head office has sent a memo to all its locations in Los Angeles to remain closed another night following a plague of robberies that has resulted in one clerk being killed and three others critically injured.

The Daily Wire provides more details:

Ontario, Riverside, Santa Ana, Brea, La Habra, and Upland stores were targeted over a five-hour time period, the Los Angeles Times reported. Police believe at least four of the robberies may have been related as a similarly-described male suspect was reported at each of the locations, the outlet continued.

7-Eleven confirmed Tuesday that it would recommend that its franchises close for a second straight night.

READ: 7-Eleven Recommends Los Angeles Locations Shut Down Because They Keep Getting Robbed

Star Bucks closes outlets in Democrat-run cities

Meanwhile, Starbucks, the woke of the woke corporations, has announced it is closing 16 outlets in Democrat-run cities citing rising crime rates, safety concerns, and drug use.

This includes six stores in Seattle and a similar amount in Los Angeles, two in Portland, and one in Philadelphia and Washington DC. READ: Starbucks closing 16 stores in Democrat cities over safety concerns

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