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Is California ready to recall another rogue & woke DA?

It seems that the people of Los Angeles County have tired of their soft-on-crime District Attorney, George Gascon, and have collected enough signatures to launch a recall vote, The Daily Signal reports.

The group, called Recall Gacon, have collected 715,833 signatures, which were 150,000 more than the required 566,000 signatures, needed to force a recall vote.

However, the names still need to be validated by LA County’s registrar recorder. This verification process needs to be completed by August 17, 2022, and if there are sufficient valid signatures, the recall vote will take place in the fall.

If over 50% of the people vote to recall Gascon in that election, he will be removed from office.

Crime has exploded in LA County since Gascon was elected in 2020, and he initiated several soft-on-crime policies.

According to The Daily Signal, homicides are up nearly 34%, robbery up nearly 18%, assaults up nearly 19% and arrests are down nearly 21%.

The Daily Signal provides a list of some policies Gascon initiated:

His policy directives, which we wrote about in depth here, issued on his first day to his 1,000 deputy district attorneys, included prohibiting his prosecutors from asking for bail in most cases; refusing to prosecute most misdemeanors; prohibiting his prosecutors from filing sentencing enhancements and priors allegations for new crimes; refusing to prosecute violent criminals under the age of 18 in adult court; refusing to allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty, no matter the crime; resentencing between 20,000 and 30,000 convicted felons who had served at least 15 years of a life sentence or what he deemed a too-long sentence; and reversing convictions of violent felons if he suspected that race played a part in the conviction, even when the conviction survived an appeal. 

READ: Gascon Recall Effort Takes Big Step Forward in Los Angeles

The defining moment of the Gascon recall campaign?

In what could be described as the defining moment of the Gascon recall campaign, a story emerged in June about an alleged murderer and gang member, who was trying to hurry up his plea deal, before Gascon was recalled. READ: Alleged Calif. gang member pushes for plea deal ahead of potential DA Gascon recall

San Francisco DA fired by voters in June

If Gascon is successfully removed, this will be the second woke California DA fired by voters this year. In June, San Francisco voters successfully kicked DA Chesa Boudin out of office after a similar recall initiative because of his soft-on-crime policies.

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