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Los Angeles releases identities and photos of all its police officers including those working undercover

The photos and identities of 9,300 Los Angeles police officers were recently publicly released online, the Daily Caller reports.

The released database included over 320 undercover police officers who have now been forced to stop their investigation into criminal gangs, drug dealers and sex trafficking groups in the city.

The undercover cops, who are now suing the LA police force, are concerned that this move not only endangered their lives but those of their family members as well.

The Daily Caller provides more information on how this happened:

Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, a watchdog group that claims to be “building power toward abolition of the police state,” leaked the personal information and photographs of more than 9,300 LAPD officers in a searchable online database, hundreds of whom were undercover police officers, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

While the city attorney’s office has maintained the agency was required to turn over records of the law enforcement officers, which includes a photograph and information on each officer, California law makes exemptions for safety or investigative reasons, the outlet reported.

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