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Brazen daylight robbery in LA reveals the root of California’s problem

A brazen daylight robbery in Los Angeles reveals the root of the problem of what is going on in California.

The Daily Mail writes that six women entered Ulta Beauty Salon during a smash and grab and looted bags full of perfume and cosmetics while the alarm blared and customers watched. Thieves have targeted the store multiple times.

The telling moment is that two of the thieves didn’t even bother to wear masks. This is because they have absolutely no fear of being arrested. If caught, they will be out on the street within hours.

This is because LA County has a left-wing District Attorney, George Gascon, whose progressive soft on crime policy combined with a law that treats any thefts below $950 as a misdemeanor has led to a crime wave in California.

Commenting on the theft, one LA county detective said, the maximum penalty they would receive would be the equivalent of a traffic fine.

In other words, it’s just part of the cost of running a criminal enterprise in California.

READ: Brazen gang of thieves – who don’t even bother covering their faces – raid an Ulta Beauty salon in crime-plagued LA where woke DA refuses to prosecute shoplifters

RELATED: Actor Michael Rapaport filmed a shoplifter in New York City walking out of a store with two bags full of goods and blamed the city’s previous left-wing mayor, Bill deBlasio for the crime. READ: Michael Rapaport films alleged shoplifter in NYC: ‘It’s pathetic’

Jesus provided this description of society in the days leading up to His return:

“And because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will become cold.” (Matthew 24:12 NASV)

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