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Reporter describes a surreal moment at police protest

The left-wing, all-Democrat city council in Oakland, California had just recently voted to cut the funding to their police department as part of their plan to reduce the surging crime rates in the city.

Poll: Something doesn’t add up on police defunding

A poll conducted in Oakland, California by the city’s Chamber of Commerce reveals how silly the world is becoming. The people were asked if they favoured cutting police funding, the majority dutifully answered with a politically correct yes. Then they asked them a second question. Did they want the number of police officers to be increased, stay the same or be reduced?

Violence, chaos, fires, death as city mayors fiddle

Ancient writers claimed that Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned to the ground in 64 AD. Despite these stories, many modern historians state it never happened. But if you want evidence that it did, you only have to watch America’s city mayors in action. Not only are some mayors standing back and allowing the rioting to take place by hamstringing their police, others have actually voiced their support and one mayor even participated in a riot.