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City politicians join the rioting in show of support

During the 56th night of rioting in Portland by people calling for the police to be defunded, the city’s mayor, Ted Wheeler decided words of support weren’t enough, so he joined last night’s violent demonstration.

Note: only 2,000 of the city’s 665,000 residents were at the protest — .3% of the population.

Breitbart tells the story:

The Oregonian reported that the mayor’s appearance on the 56th night of violent “protest” in downtown Portland “attracted attention and jeers from the crowd of more than 2,000 people” at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse.

USA Today reported: “The mayor was caught in a chaotic display of violence and mayhem that began around 11:15 p.m., after some protesters threw flaming bags of garbage over a fence protecting the local federal courthouse, prompting the federal officers to fire tear gas at the crowd.”

READ: WATCH: Portland Mayor Joins Violent ‘Protest’; Booed by Protesters, Tear Gassed by Feds

Video of the Portland mayor standing at the wall, as flaming bags were launched at the federal building:

Watch Mayor Ted Wheeler get tear-gassed:

The violent protestors were so thrilled by Wheeler’s appearance, they jeered him and called for his resignation:

The 2,000 protestors (.3% of the city’s population or have I mentioned that already) want the mayor and all Portland residents to bend the knee to their radical left-wing demands:

OAKLAND: And Oakland Mayor, Libby Schaaf, who has pledged to defund the police in her city, also joined the rioting as her home residence was recently vandalized by demonstrators: READ: Photos: Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s Home Covered in ‘Defund the Police’ Graffiti

SEATTLE: Seattle city councillors who have also been behind the demonstrators and their calls to defund the police, also participated in recent protests as their homes were targeted and vandalized. READ: Seattle City Council president addresses protests targeting council members’ houses

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