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When the lockdown is worse than the disease

According to researchers from Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Centre, they estimate there could be upwards of a 50% increase in the number of suicides in Australia because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

This is caused by loneliness and a sense of hopelessness attributed to job losses. And of course, the fear tactics employed by mainstream media and certain politicians is also not helping. The researchers also expect the fallout from the coronavirus lockdown to impact suicide rates in Australia for the next several years.

If their worst case scenario holds true, this means that the number of suicides attributed to the lockdown could be TEN TIMES higher than the number of people who have died so far from the Coronavirus in Australia.

Worldometers estimates that there have been over 374,000 suicide deaths worldwide since the start of 2020, compared to approximately 251,000 deaths from the Coronavirus

READ: Report: Suicide rise from lockdowns to kill more than coronavirus in Australia:

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