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Sweden video: Count the number of face masks

Undoubtedly, many of you are wondering how things are going in Sweden these days. Sweden never instituted a lock down deciding the best way to combat COVID was through herd immunity, letting people get it, and build up an immunity to the virus. (80% of the people who catch COVID will have little or no symptoms.) It worked, the pandemic is essentially over in Sweden. This video from Stockholm uploaded on Sept. 11, 2020 kind of explains it all. Make sure you have your calculator out to keep track of the number of people wearing face masks. (Note there are face masks, just not the COVID kind.)

Did COVID lockdowns just turn political?

With the number of COVID deaths declining in California, many are wondering why politicians are continuing to lock down the state? Well, according to Real Clear Politics, we may have been given a clue recently when Dr. Barbara Ferrer, the Los Angeles County Public Health Director, discussed the matter with school administrators. Apparently, someone recorded parts of that conference call.

No lock down ‘double standard’ in New York City?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says nary a tweet or a word about thousands of demonstrators breaking social distancing rules or not wearing masks as they protest. VIDEO: As @NYCMayor marches with protesters and orders Contact Tracers not to ask people if they were at protests, the City is welding shut a park that is largely used by Hasidim in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. — Yossi Gestetner (@YossiGestetner) June 15, 2020 But de Blasio is not so generous with the NYC’s Jewish community. City officials recently had a park in a Jewish area of New York City locked shut. The Blaze writes: The incident was the latest in a series of troubling examples of a double standard against the Jewish community while others are praised while ignoring social distancing guidelines. Many on social media blamed Mayor de Blasio and demanded that the park reopen. Critics pointed to the lack of criticism for the many Black Lives Matter protests where participants ignored social distancing guidelines. Noticing the double standard, several Orthodox Jews cut the gates open. …

Advice for the “do as I say, not as I do” COVID crowd

The mainstream media and certain politicians love telling us what we can and can’t do during the Coronavirus. Word of warning: Expect a little pushback when you break your rules: For the media: INSTANT CLASSIC FROM @MSNBC: ANCHOR: “Are the people there just not worried about it? Are they not worried about their personal safety?” REPORTER: “I haven’t met anybody who is… you can see here, nobody’s wearing them [masks].” GUY ON STREET: “Including the Cameraman.” — Eddie Zipperer (@EddieZipperer) May 26, 2020 For the politicians: Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued ‘Draconian’ lock down orders telling people to stay-at-home and non-essential businesses closed. So, how was Gov. Grisham able to buy jewellery from a non-essential business, that was supposed to be closed during the lock down? The Blaze explains: But according to KRQE, the Democrat governor herself broke the rules in order to purchase jewelry at a store that otherwise should have been closed. They spoke to an employee from a jewelry store saying that Lujan Grisham called them to buy …

New York study questions effectiveness of lock downs

The result of a survey of people hospitalized in New York state for COVID-19 over the past week have some questioning the effectiveness of the lock down in stemming the spread of the virus. The survey of 1,000 new admissions revealed that 66% of them were non-essential workers, meaning they were not working and staying at home. If the lock down was effective, people staying at home should not be the largest source of new admissions. The survey also revealed: 73% of the new people hospitalized were over 51. 96% of them had underlying health issues. 20% were aged between 61 and 70 (the largest infection rate of any age group by decade breakdown). Many have argued instead of locking down the whole state, governments should concentrate their resources on helping those most at risk. READ: REVEALED: 66% of New York state coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME and NOT essential workers – which begs question: Does lockdown even work?

Oh, the irony

You probably don’t know who Neil Ferguson is, but he is the guy that started the “panic-demic” aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in several countries, states and cities implementing stay-at-home orders and lock downs of their respective jurisdictions.

A state of ‘manufactured’ fear?

An intriguing video exposing the “state of fear” that has trapped many states and particularly cities in a Draconian COVID-19 lock down. The video takes a quick look at what is happening in Colorado, providing several charts and articles showing that COVID-19 is clearly on the decline. But despite this, the lock down continues both in the minds of many and among government leaders because we have fallen into a “state of fear.”