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New York study questions effectiveness of lock downs

The result of a survey of people hospitalized in New York state for COVID-19 over the past week have some questioning the effectiveness of the lock down in stemming the spread of the virus.

The survey of 1,000 new admissions revealed that 66% of them were non-essential workers, meaning they were not working and staying at home. If the lock down was effective, people staying at home should not be the largest source of new admissions.

The survey also revealed:

  • 73% of the new people hospitalized were over 51.
  • 96% of them had underlying health issues.
  • 20% were aged between 61 and 70 (the largest infection rate of any age group by decade breakdown).

Many have argued instead of locking down the whole state, governments should concentrate their resources on helping those most at risk.

READ: REVEALED: 66% of New York state coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME and NOT essential workers – which begs question: Does lockdown even work?

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